Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Book Group Bookmarks

My book group met this evening at The Beanery. The book under discussion, The Friday Night Knitting Club, brought the consensus that the story was a bit trite and definitely ripe for a Lifetime movie, although we’ve heard rumors that it is being made into a movie with Julia Roberts. Guess it will be in the vein of Steel Magnolias.

Now I’m not a knitter, but I thought it would be fun to do something with yarn in honor of our reading a book centered around friendship and knitting. I am an avid fiber person and I use yarn and fibers in many of my art projects, so I do have a lovely collection of brightly colored and textured yarns. For our meeting this evening, I lugged my basket of yarn, a tin of scissors, and pieces of black chipboard, which I had punched with an eyelet to hold the yarn: we made bookmarks! I also brought along a handful of colorful words, words such as Sassy, Friendship, and Joyful. After a discussion of the book, we got busy snipping yarns and choosing words. It was sure fun.

I have heard of a book group that in addition to reading and discussing books, they also do an artistic project as a way of responding to the book. I didn’t mention this to my book group tonight, but based upon their enthusiastic response to making bookmarks, I suspect they wouldn’t object if I showed up next month toting paper, scissors, glue, and a little bit of glitter!

PS After our book group, I came home and added a few embellishments to the two bookmarks I had made. One bookmark is for a fellow book group member who could not be there tonight because of her father’s illness and the other is for a friend who lives in Astoria and is homebound due to a broken ankle. I added jewels to their bookmarks and a charm at the end of a dangling piece of yarn. Shhhh, don’t tell . . . .


Gerri said...

I was signed up to do your "Artist's Way" class and I had to drop out.

I've subscribed to your blog in the hopes of possibly joining a class of yours in the future.

I would love to know more about the book club you are in and if there is a spot. I've loved to read and write since I was around 10 years old and I've been looking for a book club.

If you could please contact me I'd appreciate it.

Gerri Curless
Salem, OR

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Dayna!!!

Really enjoyed our night. The bookmarks were
great fun!