Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Matchbox Shrines -- Times Two

I had the good fortune to teach my Matchbox Shrine workshop not once, but twice in the past week. The first workshop was offered in Salem as the capstone to a multi-week class entitled Circle of Life and led by Elizabeth Hartshorn of Full Circle Counseling. Ten eager participants gathered and created ten beautiful little shrines, many commemorating what they had been learning and focusing on during their Circle of Life sessions. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me and I was unable to record the impressive row of shrines that were created in JUST OVER AN HOUR! This group was on a tight deadline due to an opening check-in and a farewell at the end of their session, so rather than the usual two or three hours I like to allow for creating a shrine, they did their creations in a little over an hour. Amazing!

My second opportunity occurred last Saturday, when I taught my Matchbox Shrine class at the DIY Lounge at collage on Alberta. It was one of our first sunny days in a long string of rainy, cold, bleak days and all five registrants showed up! We had three glorious hours to create two little shrines and once again, I marvel at the creative ideas that took shape in just a few hours time. Here are photos of the creativity that flourished last Saturday afternoon in a delightful little art store on N.E. Alberta in Portland:


gl. said...

ooo, nice! i especially like the one with the transitor(?) wire.

Bridget B. said...

These are great! I especially enjoyed the one with the shells on the side and the bottles inside! I took a class up at artfest that used matchboxes as the focal point, and I kept thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GODDESS! Dayna, I just went to your blog and screamed, and I mean SCREAMED! when I saw my mini shrine - Faye is here with me and we are so tickled to see our creation in cyberspace. I feel like a celebrity - it's like having your art up on mom's refrigerator :-) thank you thank you thank you!

Felica and Faye