Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nanny For a Week

I spent last week in Washington, in a little community part way between Olympia and Tacoma, babysitting two of my adorable grandkids: Luke, 3-1/2, and Ella, 22 months. Their Mom was vacationing in Mexico and their Dad was working, so I was the nanny for the week. What a delightful job! While I was there, I attended a Pampered Chef party at the home of one of Melissa’s friends, then another day I met that same friend at the Olympia Children’s Museum for a morning of play. Of course, there was also a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and swimming lessons at the YMCA. I'm a little out of shape for all of this, but I managed. For the long days of chasing and caring for two little ones, I needed fuel, which came in the way of home-made chai tea soy lattes:

Throughout the week, Luke and I worked on a two-page spread in my visual journal, my “special book.” Luke chose paint and painted two pages, then selected collage items to glue down. He went back over the top of some of the images and added more paint. He didn’t want to tell a story or add words, but I added a quote by him: “I love you Bammy, you’re so cute, I want to keep you forever.” Ahhhhh . . . .

On Thursday, Hubby came up with Oliver, and it didn't take long for Oliver to become friends with Bella, one of our granddogs:

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gl. said...

granddogs! ha! and that first picture of your granddaughter is SO adorable.