Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Two Poops and a Pee

Saturday morning we got up and started our walk by heading east on Marine Drive to the beginning of a wonderful bicycle and walking path that goes for miles and miles. The entrance to the walkway is located at the east end of the Gleason Boat Launch, and the sign posted at the walkway indicates it is Broughton Beach - sounds so east coast beachy! As soon as we arrived at the path, we veered off, and headed for the beach that runs along the Columbia River. Oliver was in doggy heaven! We let him off his leash and he frolicked and ran and scared himself into little leaps, all the while sniffing and snorting his way along the tide line. While he and Hubby were scampering along, I was in my own heaven: collecting the detritus of the river and of humans. Using a doggy poop bag, I collected shells and agates, and all sizes and shapes of beach glass rubbed smooth by the rocks and river. Because the Columbia is a notorious spot to drink, there were lots of rusted bottle caps, along with bits of odd-shaped plastic rings and unidentifiable doodads - lovely. By the end of our walk, my doggy bag was filled to the brim with small pieces of bleached driftwood, rusty bits, beach glass, and a beachcomber's collection of shells.

As we neared the end of the beach, we spotted about eight people and 12 dogs, all who had just arrived. The humans were carrying steaming cups of Starbucks liquids, and the dogs were sniffing each other, some swimming in the river. Oliver was intrigued, if not a little overwhelmed. He chose an older, slower dog to sniff and greet, while the younger more confident dogs moved on down the beach.

Oh, yes, Oliver treated us to two poops and a pee. It was a good day indeed.

The entrance to the beach:

A happy Oliver:

Oliver in action:

Always a beachcomber:

The booty:

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ooo, what wonderful treasures!