Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's Inside: Exploring the Potential for Change

During the month of February, the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery presented “What’s Inside – Exploring the Potential for Change.” This was Mary Lou’s fifth annual 100 Artists show. Each participating artist received an 8 x 8 wooden box in the mail, which was used as the starting point for his or her finished piece of art. The artists were invited to involve a young child in the process and ask them about what makes them feel safe.

Each year, a different non-profit organization benefits from the proceeds and this year’s recipient was Poyama Day Treatment Center, a psychiatric day treatment program for emotionally disturbed children ages 3 through 12 and their families.

The boxes are all for sale with beginning bids set at $50; the maximum price for any box is $200.

The show ran from February 5th through March 1st and it was getting later and later in the month and I hadn’t yet stopped by for a peek. Finally, last Wednesday on my way out of town, I swung downtown and ducked into the shop. Even at 11:00 on a Wednesday, the little gallery was filled with people looking at the walls of boxes. One of the women who works at the gallery had on white gloves and was opening boxes at our request. Many of the boxes had already sold, but I found a few that caught my eye and one in particular. I loved it because the artist, Linda Welch of Lake Oswego, had left all of the original mailing information (address and postage) in tact and incorporated it into her piece. I found the bidding page and placed a bid, not knowing if someone would come behind me and place a higher bid.

On Saturday morning I received a call from Bonnie at Mary Lou’s gallery, informing me that I had won the piece by Linda Welch. I felt like I got a new piece of art and supported an amazing program that helps kids and their families. Win-win.

To see all of the boxes that were part of this show, click here.

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gl. said...

very fun! i really love the shows where everyone gets the same thing and does something amazing with it. donations to a good cause are even awesomer.