Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introducing: Oliver

Well, we weren’t planning on getting a dog, although we have talked about it in the past. However, whenever we talked about getting a dog, we always ended up deciding we didn’t want to be tied down, we didn’t want the responsibility. Then we met Olive. Olive is an 11-month old black standard poodle and was lucky enough to get adopted into our daughter’s family. My Hubby and I babysat our two grandsons last Saturday night and after they were tucked in and sound asleep, we got to “dog sit” Olive. Our hearts melted and we were in love. When my daughter and son-in-law returned home, they informed us that Olive had a brother . . . . thus began another round of discussions, only this time, there was a tangible dog in the picture. We talked into the evening and woke up talking about it throughout the morning, as if we never even went to sleep. We were sort of leaning toward getting the “brother,” but then we went into Petco to see about a collar and a lead: I started hyperventilating at the sight of all the dog accoutrements! We put the collar back and stepped aside to talk some more. I picked up a copy of “Poodles for Dummies” and began to leaf through it; the reading calmed me down and allowed my Hubby and I to confirm that yes, we did in fact want to get and were ready for a dog. We purchased the essentials and headed north on I-5 to Kalama, to the breeder’s home. After we arrived, we realized we weren’t really buying a dog from a “breeder,” but were really on a “rescue mission.” We had the option of choosing from a dozen little puppies, all jumping against their cages yapping and yowling “Pick me, pick me.” But it was Olive’s brother we were after and there he was, standing alone in the end cage, not jumping or crying, just standing with determined resignation. We were introduced, wrote out a check, slipped on his collar, and loaded him into my nice, clean, clear windowed car. We tried out the name Leo, but that didn’t seem quite right. When we tried out Oliver, it stuck. Oliver had never left his farm, never been in a car, never had on a collar, and had never seen stairs (but that’s another story). Our first stop after driving back into Portland was to a veterinary clinic for an exam and a rabies shot. Then to the groomer’s (we had called and made a late afternoon appointment). Oliver was so matted and dirty, that the groomer needed to take all of Oliver’s hair right down to the nub, to the point of seeing his blue skin! Yes, he has blue skin, sort of an eerie bright gray/blue. The groomer said his hair was sort of moldy – yuck. So, we are starting fresh and will allow his hair to grow out a bit before the next trip to the groomers. Here are a series of photos:

Olive, Oliver's Sis:

A ragged Oliver:

Charlie, our shy and reclusive cat, thought we bought her a new bed:

Olive and Oliver reunited for the first time:


Deirdra Doan said...

I love poodles. Looking for ward to meeting him.
PS Poodles love water!! Just wait till he jumps in the the boat......he he...just kidding.

dkdesigns said...

Hi Dayna~
How special of you and your husband to bring Oliver into your home and give him the love and respect he deserves! I have no doubt that he will be a wonderful addition to your family and give back to you many times over.
I look forward to meeting him.
Dawn Kreitzberg

gl. said...

what a surprise! i continue to be amazed at the huge heart you have and your capacity for people & critters. i hope he settles in well and provides you with lots of love!