Thursday, March 6, 2008

Funky Found Object Canvas Village

Leighanna Light rocks! Last Sunday I took a full day workshop from her at the always delightful and inspiring studio of Diane Havnen-Smith, Innerstandings. The class was titled Funky Found Object Canvas Village. This class was a perfect marriage of all things I love: smallish size (8 x 8 chunky canvas), paint, paper, and rusty embellishments! Yowie Zowie I loved this class. Then, a little icing on the cake, was that I got to take the class with best friend Vicki and the class was filled with other creative, talented, and inspirational women, including (I'm bowing down) Judy Wise (be sure and check out Judy's blog post dated today and you can see her finished pieces). I've prepared two pieces, which are ready for paint, but I was so excited to share about this class I'm jumping the gun and posting early.

The Process:

And this is the stage where paint is added, and rubbed off, and more paint added . . . you get the idea. When I get my paint added, I will add an addendum to the post so you can see my completed Funky Found Object Canvas (and I hope it is a village!).

The People:

Leighanna "helps" Diane

Judy Wise



Judy Wise said...

Oh, there we all are! This was just the most fun ever - I had no idea I was going to like it so much. Yes, yes, yes - now we can use up all those snips, snails & puppy dog tails. xoxo

gl. said...

lovely, dayna!