Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Artist's Way Week Twelve: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy

Life does get in the way of fun things on occasion and last night was one of those times. Three of our six beautiful women were unable to attend: one had out of town friends, one was sick, and the other had a personal emergency. The rest of us soldiered on, glad that we were together. Our creative activity for the evening was making a God Jar, something Julia Cameron describes as: “A jar, a box, a vase, a container. Something to put your fears, your resentments, your hopes, your dreams, your worries into.” I provided each woman with an empty Tazo tea can, and as usual, the women jumped in with gusto, chatting and visiting, all the while choosing and gluing on colorful fibers, then adding embellishments that hold special significance and meaning. Their creations are revealed here:

A different view:


gl. said...

wow! where did all those watches come from? and do you cut off the tops of the cansso they can be filled?

Dayna Collins said...

Gretchin, the watches came primarily from my mother! They were hers and my Dad's and she's saved all of them throughout the years. On a visit to them one time (ha, ha - good play on words), she handed them over! And the Tazo cans I got from SCRAP; they are tea cans, so they have a removable lid, which the ladies also decorated! Thanks for asking!