Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yellow Freedom Shoes - HOT

Last night was the November gathering of the Orange Dream Monkeys, my visual journaling group. Our theme for the night was Yellow Freedom Shoes, although only Candace did a page using that as her inspiration. Shelby provided healthy treats AND a beautiful gift of her photography for each of us.

The evening was spent in a glorious mess of creativity, laughter, and just a bit of naughtiness.

So in case you'd like to see some of what we worked on, here goes.

Tory didn't bring her journal to work in, but instead, worked on making glass pendant journals for the upcoming Portland Art Collective Open Doors Show and Sale.

Shelby forgot her journal, but she created a lovely spread on watercolor paper using a handmade stencil of her son.

Bobbie had a great evening, working on two, that's 2, two-page spreads.

Destree was on a color-filled rampage last night, as evidenced in her two layouts.

Candace took time out from her university studies to come play with us. (That's a close-up of one of her pages at the top of this post.) Hot indeed.

Dawn played with some vibrant, powerful colors to create her pages last night.

We had a new member join our group, Theresa, and this is the pretty sparkly page she created last night.

I didn't make great headway, but rather lingered and puttered over a few pages already in process. But I did come to the end of my Fearless journal . . .

Our December theme is a doozy!


Tory Brokenshire said...

The Orange Dream Monkeys are a great bunch, I'm so happy to be part of it. I'm telling myself January is for journals!!! But purple egypt androgeny ?

Julia said...

Oh what delicious fun!!...wish I could join in...xx..julia