Saturday, November 27, 2010

Facing Fear

I finally made it to the Facing Fear show at Launch Pad Gallery in SE Portland where I have one of my Fearless Faces on display (which has sold, but that story is at the end of this post). The show comes down on Saturday, so I wanted to be sure I got to see it before it is no more.

The show was an open-call for artists to create something with the theme of Facing Fear. I've faced a lot of fear with painting faces, so I immediately knew I wanted to submit one of my Fearless Faces. I've been creating my faces in a large atlas for a while now, but only recently started painting them on repurposed and recycled boards. The piece I submitted was titled: Fearless Faces #1.

My daughter Amy, her husband Mike, and our grandkids Jackson and Emmett made the trek down to the gallery with me.

My wonderful and supportive husband who loves my Fearless Faces so so much.

The Story of Fearless Faces #1 Being Sold

I've been making cards using prints from my original series of Fearless Faces, both from my FF journal and from the faces I'm creating on repurposed boards. The very first card I made, my prototype, I sent to my friend Sven Bonnichsen of Scarlet Star Studios as his birthday card. He was so smitten with the image, that he sent me this message:

When the gallery opened at noon, I immediately called...YES, the volunteer had just shown up... So I raced into town in Trixie... And there it was: Fearless Faces I, hanging on the wall.

Except, now there's a green dot beside it. Because I've gone and purchased that painting. :-)

Oh, if only I could have taken it off the wall there and then, and be writing you that I'd just hung it up here at home... But I must wait patiently.

It's not often I have a strong reaction to a painting -- and rarer still that I make a purchase. Wonderful, inspiring work, Dayna!

I was humbled by Sven's words and gesture . . . and already missing Fearless Face #1. But at least I know where it resides and I'm sure Sven would let me visit on occasion.


Robin Olsen said...

It's such a wonderful face Dayna! No surprise that it sold.

Tory Brokenshire said...

How cool is that(Sven's words).
Your faces are wonderful I know I will want one of all the cards!

stephanie brockway said...

Big High Five! I knew these would hit, so bright and colorful like you. Can't wait to seee the cards, back to my art cave! See you Friday!

lynda Howells said...

Congrats my wonderful is also really great to know the home where your work has gone toxxxxloads of love and hugsxx lynda

Sven Bonnichsen said...

And now -- thanks to Gretchin and a holiday sale -- I have copies of five more of your Fearless Faces paintings in greeting card format! ...Awesome!!