Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Open Doors Status Update #5: Word Angels

I wanted to call my latest creations Tattered Angels, but then I remembered that is the name of a company that sells art products. So I was thinking about calling them Shabby Angels, but with all the shabby chic hoopla, it wasn't very original. So I went to the dictionary, then the thesaurus, looking up the words shabby and tattered -- the results were rather dismal and depressing, and since my angels aren't any of that, I decided to simply call them Word Angels. Introducing my first batch of Word Angels (they'll be for sale at the upcoming Portland Art Collective Open Doors Show and Sale in just one short week . . .).

Some of the details include hand cut copper wings, to which I rusted and added lovely green and blue patinas and real German glass glitter on the base (which should tarnish over time). And each one has one of my favorite words stamped on her chest. Here's a peek inside my studio at their creation.


Tory Brokenshire said...

HOW COOL! I love them and the first phot is very nice.Can't wait!!!

Jan said...

They are very cool and unique. You didn't ask for name suggestions but what came to my mind was "Messengers".

Good luck over the weekend! Wish I could come to the show.

lynda Howells said...

what a wonderful idea...the name Jan uses "Messengers" seems an interesting namexxgood luckxxlynda

Bobbie said...

Do you have a "joy" one?