Monday, December 17, 2012

Look Behind You

While in NYC for a week, I worked in my ever-present travel journal. I used a journal made by Pamela Huntington  that I had purchased a couple of years ago at Artfest. It was small, so I was able to fill the pages easily and quickly. I knew that with my busy schedule upon returning from New York, I wouldn't get a chance to work on it again, so I worked madcap in the morning before we left for the day and in the evening before turning into bed. On our nine-hour flight home on Sunday, I added some final text and smudging.

Here is what the dining table at the apartment looked like upon arrival:

And then during the week we transformed it to look like this:



A few pages from my completed journal:


My friend Vicki created her journal using pieces of cardboard from cereal boxes, making a sturdy and loose substrate. Here is her lovely journal at the time we left on Sunday afternoon:


Lynda Howells said...

wow..what memoriesxx

Unknown said...

Dayna -
Your nyc trip looks like super fun....why don't you come to Oaxaca with us in March and continue the travel journal extravaganza?

Jewel from Passionflower down in Eugene!

Kelly Z. said...

love love this travel journal you created Dayna! I am catching up on your blog, and you have so much wonderful stuff going on (new tattoo as well!) Your new home looks dreamy and I am loving the Artist Way updates. Happy New Year!