Monday, December 31, 2012

A Different Kind of Art

I got my fourth tattoo after Christmas. It seems I get one about every five years and I've been wanting a flaming heart for quite awhile (it was on my Vision Board for 2012, so I knew I needed to get crackin'). I chose an antique silver Italian sacred heart milagros as the inspiration for the design and my two daughters agreed to go with me to hold my hands during the process. They distracted me by making me laugh, by reminding me to breathe, oh, and they mocked me just a bit. I had an awesome tattoo artist, Isreal Caine, who works out of Spider Monkey Tattoos in Olympia, Washington. I've edited the photos, and believe me, you'll be glad I did as some of the photos showed some pretty bizarre facial expressions!


queenb2u said...

OOOH, Ouch! You are sooo bold! Congratulations.

MB Shaw said...

Nice tattoo!! I only have one but am really hankering for another. I LOVE how yours turned out. And I meant to say (about your last post) I could easily steal that top you are wearing, TOTALLY cute. And Howard is hilarious helping you with the studio.

Lynda Howells said...

Fantastic heartx Happy new year my friendxxxxlovely images by the wayxx

Carole K said...

I LOVE your new tatt! Very, very cool- did your girls get a little something done while they were there?!
Happy New Year, friend!