Monday, June 4, 2012

Princess Warrior Wonder Wands

Back in January of this year, I invited three friends to join me in working through Julia Cameron's book, Vein of Gold. The four of us committed wholeheartedly and met weekly for five months. If someone couldn't make it due to a trip or a big event, we just changed the date or cancelled for that week -- no one missed a single group, which reflects huge dedication. Since the first of the year we've met to discuss what we read, share what we learned, laughed and cried over what was going on in our lives, done an art project or two - we basically came alongside each other to support and encourage. In May, we reached the end of the book. For our final meeting, we met at my studio and after checking in with each other, we settled down and made a personal Princess Warrior Wonder Wand.

And what do Princess Warriors do when their wands are complete? They strike a pose, of course!


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Bobbie said...

Such beautiful Warrior Princess's we are!! Thank you so very much for bringing this group together!! You are very much appreciated and loved :)