Monday, March 12, 2012

The Words Are No Longer Inside Me

I've written a couple of posts about the recent 100 Artists Show at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. For a link to my initial post about the mechanics of it, click here. I then wrote about the opening, which you can read by clicking here. All that clicking and linking basically tells you that I was paired with another artist and we wrote each other a letter, then using the letter we received as inspiration, we created a piece of art. My artist, Kim Robertson, created The Words Are No Longer Inside Me and I was able to hustle down to the gallery just in time to place the winning bid on her painting. Here is the packet that came with the art (that's my original letter on the right hand side!) and the lovely piece itself.

Our two pieces of art, side by side at the gallery. Both with big RED dots.

Where my Kim original now hangs in my home - a snug little corner overlooking our bistro table (with a row of my Fearless Faces keeping her company).

What I wanted to share is that Kim and I have become real life pen pals, writing each other with real life pens and putting our letters in real life envelopes and attaching real life stamps. It's a rare thing anymore. The last letter I received from Kim had a couple of juicy tidbits that I couldn't wait to write a letter and put in the mail so I sent her an e-mail and told her I was too inpatient to write and put it in the mail. Kim wrote an e-mail message in response to mine (we do cheat once in a while) and said it so well:

E-mail is like a quick handshake and 'hi there' and letters are like a hug or a nice warm sweater -- they linger longer.

Then there is the fact that almost as good as Kim's letters (she writes wonderful, newsy, descriptive letters) is that we have been sending each other little art offerings. My last letter from Kim was written on one of her hand made cards (it's titled red head).

Before that, I received a small original painting on canvas, Artist on a Rainy January Day.

In the past, I've sent Kim a small piece of art on cardboard and one of my original cards. But what she doesn't know (shhhhh), is that I'm sending her one of my Curious Elements. Her art offerings have touched my heart, I want to do the same for hers.