Thursday, March 22, 2012

Abstraction Through Distortion

I started a new art class last Thursday, just a week following my previous one. I've become accustomed to going to class on Thursday nights and I must admit I like it. For this class, some of the women from my Salem Art Group contacted local artist Cynthia Herron about offering her four-week abstract landscape class to us and she agreed! I've long admired Cynthia's art work (I have one of her originals!) and several years ago I took a mixed media class from her, so I already knew that she was a great teacher: patient, generous, prepared, encouraging, and talented. Since my next class is tonight, I thought I better get crackin' with a post about last week's class when we studied abstract landscapes using distortion.

My landscape is not finished and our homework is to work on our piece during the week and bring it to class for discussion. Oh dear. I did work on mine, but I'm not ready to reveal. Instead, I'll give you a peek into Cynthia's private inner sanctum. It's a cozy space with the wood stove burning, inspiration on the walls, and Cynthia's current landscape on the easel.

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Dandelion and Daisy said...

I took a mixed media class from Cynthia at the Art Dept. She is a great teacher. Looks like you're having fun!