Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Art of Communication

The 100 Artists Show at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery has opened. I wrote about my donation to the show, Fragments, about a week ago. You can see more about what I created by clicking here. Mary Lou's website has all the details of the show as well as photos of the over 100 pieces of art. Just a simple click right here and you'll be taken to her site. You can also check out Mary Lou's blog post about the recent opening. Mary Lou describes the essence of the show:

During the month of February, the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery will be presenting “The Art of Communication”, the 10th annual 100 Artists show. Participating artists received a blank letter through the mail and were asked to write a thought, a story, or whatever they so choose and then send to their “partnered” artist. The artists had over three months to transform the writings into their work of art.

All art is for sale by bidding, which can be done in person or by calling the gallery. Bids start at $50 and can be raised in increments of $5. There are four closing dates, so the artist's assigned number determines the closing date. The closing date for my art is next Friday, February 10th -- so if you're interested, get your bid in! And I must say, there are some great pieces of art in the show this year.

Okay, let's get on with some photos. On Wednesday of this week, I met up with Tory and Steph, who both have pieces in the show, for a preview of the exhibit before the opening reception later that evening.

Each of the artists has a folder at the gallery, which Steph dubbed our dossiers. Inside each folder is a copy of the letter we received from our partnered artist (mine is Kim Robertson who has become a real life friend and pen pal through this process - she lives in Pennsylvania!), our artist's statement about the piece we created in response to the artist's letter, and some of our business cards.

The fabulous and tireless curators, Tina and Mary Lou.

A preview of the show . . .

After an afternoon of roaming around downtown Salem, our tummies were rumbling. None of us had eaten at Napoleon's, a newish French restaurant, so buckwheat crepes were the order of business. Melissa, Tory's daughter who is also in the show, joined as well as two husbands, Antoine and Howard.

Mary Lou and Tina put together an artist's only reception next door to the gallery and our passes were the chained post cards I shared in an above photo.

And then it was time for the opening!

Now I just need to decide which piece of art I want to bid on!


Anonymous said...

Great art...good people! Who could ask for anything more!! Neat stuff!!

Pam McKnight said...

very cool!Looks like you all had a ton of fun!

Christy said...

Fantastic! Love the pictures and I cannot wait to get down there and see the exhibit.


Bobbie said...

Too cool....even though I know yours already sold...maybe I can add this on to my artist date and take a peak :)