Saturday, February 25, 2012

Prayer Flags: No. 5

I love Prayer Flags and after several years of false starts, I finally finished a set of my own design. Several years ago I took a class on making them from Bridget Benton in Portland. I never finished my set of flags and they ended up in a box carefully labelled PRAYER FLAGS. I recently took another class, this time from Jami, who used a bit different process. So I took the two and morphed them into my own using rough, uneven pieces of fabric adding hand stitching, buttons, and found objects. I considered stamping words onto the fabric, but for this first round I decided to keep it simple.

I took my flags home one evening to do some of the hand stitching while watching some shows that didn't take much concentration or attention.

Back to the studio to scavenge for final touches and embellishments.

Done. Done. Done.


That was fun. I'm ready to start making another one, maybe using bright colorful scraps of fabric.


Dandelion and Daisy said...

Are you keeping this indoors? I'd like to make one to put outdoors, using burlap maybe trimmed in bright colors. Visited the show at Mary Lou Zeek today. Really liked your painting. Whoever buys it needs to buy all of the felted baskets that are sitting in front of it.....what an amazing combo of colors!

Carole Kurth said...

Dayna, I love how they turned out! Thank you for the detail shots. Pure and beautiful!

Bobbie said...

Each turned out so very cool. I love the red threads and stitching and added bibble-t-bops!!!