Thursday, November 17, 2011

Curious Elements: Homestretch

I've started to wind down the production of my Curious Elements, and the first batch of completed Elements are due at Guardino Gallery tomorrow. I've been showing my progress both in blog posts and on my art Facebook page (click here to visit my FB page). I've made close to 100 of my Curious Elements, so it will feel good to pack up my rusty bits and pieces and switch gears in the new year. But in the meantime, I'll keep sharing my latest creations -- right up until the Portland Art Collective holds their Open Doors Show and Sale on December 2 and 3!


rebeca trevino said...

i love love love all of these. i wish i could see each of them in a bigger photo (?) (lota work i know)

another question, do you title each piece?

i just love their simplicity and texture and how they can be hung and displayed as a group or hung individually.

did you use scrap lumber or new lumber? or canvas?

can you tell i'm excited? these are terrific.

Carole Kurth said...

OOOH! These get better and better. I just had an idea for an installation! Big, Huge 'Links' of chain, or wire, to look like a charm bracelet, w/ the Curious Elements hanging from it! Who could resist buying them ALL!

I so love these, and I love the vivid colors on all your Fearless FAces. They remind me of War Masks from natives that we might have seen as children in National Geographic!

Dayna Collins said...

Rebecca, I'll answer your questions here in case someone else is interested in my answers. I use recycled boards for the Curious Elements -- fence boards, baseboards, and sometimes old shelving. The funkier the better. I do not title the pieces -- if they are going to a gallery I'll just give it a simple title, primarily what is on the board, i,e,m Child's Shoe. I'm glad you have the vision of seeing a whole grouping of them becuase that is how I envision them, too! Thanks for your comments and curiosity. (you might be able to get a larger view by going to my Facebook page where I often post photos of my Elements: Dayna J. Collins/Alley Art Studio)

Diane Lou said...

Wonderful little treasures, Dayna!