Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Peculiar Kind of Day

Steph and I had a peculiar kind of day on Thursday: We visited Portland's Peculiarium. It was indeed peculiar, but also quirky, random, and fun. Words can't really describe it, so I'll shut up.

Since were in NW Portland, we popped on over to 23rd to see the new Multnomah County Friends of the Library pop-up store that Lenall has been working so hard on. The grand opening in Saturday, so if you're in NW Portland, stop by. PS: There is lots of art in the store by members of the Portland Art Collective!

Steph and I hooked up with my daughter, Amy, in the afternoon and we had fun playing in a NE Portland antique mall.


Carole K said...

What Fun! Amy is such a pretty girl, but her eyes ARE a little strange! HAHA! Great photos, there's a lot of weirdness in this world, huh?

lynda Howells said...

you look in your element my friendxxhax

stephanie brockway said...

Too Funny, Lets go back soon!!!!!