Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back in the Day

I stumbled upon a pretty cool little antique/vintage/funky little shop, Back in the Day (they don't have a web site yet, but Anthony, the proprietor says it is coming soon). There were three guys working in the shop and all of them were outgoing, helpful, and fun. Here's a look into their shop, which has only been open since December.

And then there was more! To the basement . . .

The treasures I bought at Back in the Day:

And since I'm posting photos of goodies, here is what all I've purchased in my junking and scavenging throughout the past week:

Now to get it all home! We just went to Lowe's and purchased a pair of tin snips so we can cut the tins down to size, and the toy gun, I guess I won't be taking that in a carry on!


stephanie brockway said...

Hell Yes, to green glitter platform shoes and a gasmask...And high five for those big red letters....but didn't it ruin my surprise gift ?? lol

Bobbie said...

Excited to see what becomes of the tin clown! (I remember seeing a gasmask in one of Kristi's college freshman pics....and panicked as to what she was up to! hahaha!!)