Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stretching My Wings

It's time to unveil my new studio space! On June 9th, I wrote my Pinch Me post, sharing my news of getting my own studio. Then on July 13th I posted a teaser, Preparing a Place, giving a glimpse of the work in progress. I'm ready now to share a more detailed look at the space. But first, I have to share a discouraging moment. A couple of weeks ago at the end of a long afternoon, I was hot, tired, weary, worn out, and frustrated by the amount of work yet to be done. I said to my husband, Howard: Why am I doing this? I had a perfectly good art space. Howard's response illustrates the kind of support he gives me in whatever I do, but in this particular instance, he said: Sometimes we have to stretch our wings and that's where you are. My wings have definitely been stretched!

First, a bit of the preparation:

Then a bit of the moving (I can't even begin to tell you how many trips we made!):

Then a bit of disarray:

Finally, the studio, but only the outside as the backyard is too frightful to share right now. Of course, I already know what I want to do with the outside space in back . . .

The inside space, including the kitchen studio area, the back porch storage, the living room meeting space, and the back bedroom, which is mega storage central!

The yet to be organized attached shed (but not during 107 degree weather!):

And finally, I will leave you with some glimpses and peeks of my stuff!

Altered Board Book - Home Again

My altered board book has returned to me. After sending it off into the hands of five other ladies in mid April, it has finally come home. I chose a house-shaped book to use for the swap and if you're interested in seeing the original blank book naked and to see what I did before sending it out into the world, click here. I had a bit of a fright getting the book returned from the final participant, and she didn't even end up doing her pages in my book, which made me sad after I had spent so much time on her pages . . . but the coordinator of the swap, Destree, managed to track down the book and with the help of our mutual friend, Shelby, they managed to get their hands on the book and Shelby even completed the book by doing art on the two unfinished pages! Such a sweet thing to do . . .

The book is delicious. It is full of words rich in meaning, art that inspires. Everyone has used different techniques to complete their pages. There are whimsical doodads glued in, textures that beg to be touched; poems and quotes litter the pages. A sensory delight. But enough babbling, here are some photos.

Now, pleae join me for a walk through each room of my home.