Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mother's Hair

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you'll know that my good friend Sam (of Lil' Gypsy fame) gifts me occasionally with Bags of Crappola. I was fortunate to receive one of Sam's bags recently, filled to the brim with goodness.

Around the same time that I received my cascade of goodies from Sam, another friend, Peshe, bestowed upon me not only a marvelous doorknob plate, but also the guts from an old CD player. My friends sure know what I like!


Peshe said...

minor correction, the guts are from a cd player. must missed.


Kim said...

I see much artful playing in your near future! (And very little housework! LOL) Enjoy!

Destree said...

I fondled your faux cheetah fur when you weren't looking!

Carol Wiebe said...

Hilarious, Dayna! Don't just tease us with these, please. Your fans want to see the metamorphosis of all this "crappola"(especially baby Leopard 8915).

Some of that "fur" could make a fabulous rug for an art buddy (as in toupee), or a cute little Tarzan outfit.