Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Workshop #2: Puddles and Pours!

After having Saturday off to gunkhole in Lincoln City, we were refreshed and ready for our second workshop: Abstract Watermedia Extravaganza, also with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. Patricia described this class by saying:

This workshop will focus on producing wild, creative compositions with watercolor, ink pours, and puddles. We will cover color choice, the incorporation of pastels and crayons, texture options, over-painting with watercolor or acrylics, and abstract composition. Abstraction and rich color play is the key. Any skill level will have fun and benefit from these flowing-energy-rich, emotional painting techniques. It’s a painting frenzy so come prepared to enjoy and let loose.

Once again, we were eager to get started:

But then, not too much later, we hit the wall!

We both ended up witn a pile of beautiful background images ready for the next step: paint and embellishments!

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gl. said...

oh, they're so beautiful! seeing them all in a pile makes me feel energetic and lively. :)