Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Workshop #1: Encaustic Painting

First up, Encaustic Painting: The Beauty of Beeswax with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch. Here is her description of the class:

This workshop will introduce you to painting in hot wax. Using the sumptuousness of beeswax, natural and refined, this workshop concentrates on the many techniques compatible with encaustic. We will explore collage, texture and smooth wax application, transparent layering, incising, image transferring, and glazing with oil paints. Additionally, you will learn alternative materials to use with encaustic and have plenty of studio time to experiment with these new techniques. Come enjoy this exciting paint technique and learn how versatile it is for every artistic style.

That said, here we are waiting to get started:

We learned and experimented with all that was outlined in Patricia's description and both Vicki and I had great fun. Patricia was an energetic teacher, and once she demonstrated techniques, she set us free to play and try things for ourselves.

Patricia was kind enough to pose for a photo with me:

Vicki and I with a few of our finished pieces:

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gl. said...

neat-o! have you guys worked with encaustic before? i haven't yet!