Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Artist's Way - Week Five: Recovering a Sense of Possibility

We started our evening indulging ourselves in a sound bath.. Since one of our ladies was out sick, I joined in. One at a time, each woman stood in the center of a circle while the rest of us walked slowly around her. While walking, we each made a different sound or tone, bathing the woman in the center in a sea of soft, gentle sounds. I could have stood there all night.

Relaxed, we moved into our evening discussing possibility. Our creative project was a series of blind contour drawing exercises. First we drew a bouquet of wonky flowers, then self-portraits, and finally  each other. Blind contour drawing involves not looking at what you are drawing (at all) and not lifting your pen or pencil from the page; you only look at the object you are drawing. It's challenging, but freeing and fun.

Last week we all received beaded book marks, this week another woman brought all of us fresh bouquets of rosemary. Ummm, it smells so delicious and fresh.

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