Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sacred Scraps: An Exhibition

I had this wild idea that it would be fun to bring a group of my assemblage artist friends together for an exhibit where we would share how we use old discarded items and found objects to make our art. The artists I invited were Stephanie Brockway, Tory Brokenshire, Shelly Caldwell, Jennifer Campbell . . . . and me. The result of our union is Sacred Scraps, which opened Friday night at Willamette University on the second floor of the Hatfield Library.

Here we are on Friday afternoon, happy and satisfied with our exhibit.


Let me back up a bit to Friday morning when we all arrived on campus and used library book carts to tote our precious junk into the library (and Tory toted her famous deviled eggs). .



We hosted a reception on Friday.During the reception, two ot our artists, Tory and Shelly, offered demonstrations on how they make their art.

In addition to the demos, three of the artists (Tory, Steph, and Dayna) provided art for giveaways every 30 minutes. We had some pretty happy winners!

The reception itself was pretty darn sweet.


The exhibit runs through the end of February and anyone can visit during the library's public hours (which are posted on the library's website).


Suzanne Reynolds said...

It was such a good show, I enjoyed it so much! So much talent in one spot. You did a great job of documenting, as usual!

Kelly Z. said...

How fun, the shelves look awesome!

Seth said...

Looks fascinating and fun. Congrats!