Monday, November 12, 2012

Cold Wax Portland With Judy Wise

I had the privilege of taking an oil and cold wax class with Judy Wise over the weekend, Cold Wax Portland. I'd taken a class in this medium last summer at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology with Allen Cox, so it was exciting to take another class in this exciting medium. Judy gave us plenty of times to get messy (and I did that part very well!). Unfortunately, I have a deadline for a publication project and I'm hoping to use two of the pieces I started in the class as a jumping off point for that project, which means I can't share any images of what I created. As soon as I decide which two pieces I'll use for the project (hint: it involves Seth Apter, of the Altered Page), I'll share the other pieces I created (or started) in the class.


I'll share one piece that I'm almost finished with (16 x 20) and will most likely be for sale at Lunaria Gallery in December.


Ruth Armitage said...

beautiful work Dayna! I wish I could have taken part in the class :)

Seth said...

This must have been such an incredible class with Judy Wise as the helm. Of course I am excited to see both pieces - and judging by the one you have shown here, I know I will love em both!