Monday, December 5, 2011

Open Doors Sale: Finito!

The Portland Art Collective Open Doors Show and Sale was this past Friday and Saturday at the Multnomah Arts Center. It was a huge success. I've documented the sale from set up to tear down . . . .

The set up. Tory was our logistics queen. She arranged to have the 60+ doors transported to the gym and arranged so that everyone had just the right amount of space. She divided us into teams and each team captain had a printed schematic of the layout. We learned very quickly that she knows how to use two of her fingers to blow a very loud mouth whistle!

By Friday morning, the gym had been transformed into a magical wonderland of over 20 artists booths. I just did a post on the Portland Art Collective blog with photos of many of the booths and candid shots of the shoppers, so rather than repost all of those photos, just click HERE to be transported to the PAC blog.

My booth. Getting started on the huge job of hanging close to 150 pieces of art seemed daunting at first, but finally the job was completed and the shoppers came. But first, we had to face down the dreaded blank space.

A pause. I want to thank my always supportive (and good-looking husband) for all that he does to help with this show, actually with all of my art. I want to give him credit because he 1) wired all of my art, 2) hung all of my art (and there were 125 Curious Elements), and 3) helped me set up and take down my entire booth. That doesn't even take into account that he helped to unload the doors on Thursday night and reload them on Saturday night!

The show. I sold three of my Fearless Faces during the show. The first, No. 18, was bought within the first hour by a lovely woman artist who was taking a class at the Multnomah Arts Center!

Dozens of friends and family came to the show, but I was so busy with working my shifts or visiting with visitors and patrons, that I rarely had time to snap any photos. But here are a few -- one with two of my grandkids, one with friends, and the last is of my sister and mom!

The end. There is nothing like a good, hearty laugh at the end of a long day to finish things up!


rebeca trevino said...

congrats! sounds like you had a hugely successful show, with a great turnout and lots of good energy.

where did you guys get all those doors? (what a great idea!)

Pam McKnight said...

Wish I could have come! looks great and I love your art!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like it was lots of fun...not only the set-up but the show itself! I need to start doing things like this!!