Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the Home Stretch

The Portland Art Collective Open Doors Show and Sale opens tomorrow at 10:00 am and all of the artists are abuzz making final preparations. I thought I would share some of what I'll be offering for sale when the doors are flung open in the morning.

I'm bringing lots of original art, most are smallish in size and under $100. I won't share much of the art here 'cause we want you all to come to the sale and see it in person! But of course, a little teaser . . . .

I'll be offering over 120 of my Curious Elements ranging in price from $10-$60 - something for everyone. You can see more Curious Elements by going to my blog.

I love arted up hands so I'll be offering six-card sets in my latest series: Artful Hands.

I'll have a variety of my Fearless Faces cards, journals, and original art. Here's a sampling of how the cards are packaged and one of the original faces on repurposed board.

And of course, I just had to put a bird on something!

Last night was a final frenzy of finishing up the last of the Curious Elements and getting everything tagged and double-checking my inventory lists. Here's the very last of my Curious Elements, finished up just last night.

And final preparations:


rebeca trevino said...

congrats on a fabulous collection / series. i wish i lived closer so i could come see the show live.

i have been telling you all along how much i love these, last week i started my own 'curious elements' series. not as spectacular as yours but really really fun to do.

thanks for the inspiration!

lynda Howells said...

if you have not sold it already..can l have the syringe element please............You are looking good girl. Go sell your wonderful art and enjoyxxx

Dayna Collins said...

Oh, Lynda, I am so sorry! That is one of the ones that sold today after I posted the photo.

Carole Kurth said...

You Go, Girl! Have a great weekend! Love the red birdie, AND the little bus. Knock it outta the park!