Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Flood of Words: Following A Path New & Familiar

I named the green wall at my studio a River of Words with the hope that friends would write quotes, words, or poem fragments that had meaning for them. The wall is gathering words and I wanted to share some of them with you. The first photos are me adding the first word fragments.

Miss Sam of Lil' Gypsy is always game to play along and wrote some of the earliest words alongside of me.

My sis wrote about always having hope.

Hailey, a neighbor girl, wrote some words and drew a heart.

My nephew stopped to pick up some art, so I handed him a pen and asked him to write before he left.

Even my parents visited my studio and wrote some words.

Neighbors Destree and Olivia popped over to leave their marks.

Stephanie K made her contribution when she was down from Portland for a recent play date.

Some of the snippets that were written during last weekend's Open Studio tour in Salem:

Next time you're at the studio, please grab a pen . . .


donna said...

Chartreuse rocks! lol (I just can't help myself sometimes).


Bobbie said...

I LOVE hugely that Olivia drew outside of the lines!!!! Great idea for your wall!!!!