Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Open Doors Status Update #7: Packaging

The Open Doors Show and Sale opens Friday morning and I've been scurrying around doing last minute preparations (and I must admit, I'm still creating). I'm hoping to be done with the creating part by tonight and all I'll have to do on Thursday is pack everything up and arrive at the Multnomah Art Center by the designated 8:00 pm to begin the set up. In addition to the making of art for the show, I've been working on playful, pretty packaging so when someone buys something from me, the ladies at the packaging table will just need to assemble what I have provided: kraft paper bags, fun tissue paper (and some lime green tulle for my Paper Remnant journals), bright colored paper shred, polka dot ribbon, and a tag.

Here's some examples of how my art will be wrapped:

Time to get to the studio to finish up the last of my projects: Funky Junkyard Birds. These little cuties will be revealed by tomorrow.

And as my friend Vicki keeps reminding me: breathe. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to do that.


Robin Olsen said...

Oh sure--put the rest of us to shame with our plain brown paper bags. LOL--these are very cute!

Bobbie said...

I loved....LOVED my purchases being wrapped by your reminded me of that first art class I took from you with your bottled water, card and cookies!! SPOILED...LOVE IT!!!