Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Discovery: A Real Gem in Dufur, Oregon!

We just returned from a weekend trip to Dufur, Oregon. The cause for the trip was a family wedding, which was a lovely outside summer affair. My dilemma is how I want to approach this post . . . travelogue of our trip? Talk about the sumptuous lattes we had at the dog river coffee company in Hood River (they use Stumptown coffee, our favorite, and their ice cubes are made from coffee!)? Highlight the wedding? Or, focus on where we stayed? I do believe I will focus on the grand 1907 Balch Hotel in tiny little Dufur.

Come along with me as I take you on a tour.

First, when we entered the hotel, I was struck by the artwork hanging on the walls. I didn't even get the name of the artist, but I loved the simplicty of the pieces. Here is one of my favorites:

As I began my roaming, I walked up the staircase located at the entrance of the hotel. All of the doors to the rooms were open so I could peek into each room. One of the first rooms I spied was a massage room! Now we're talkin'!

I continued my meandering down the second floor hallway. Each room was decorated uniquely: rugs, lamps, bed covers, and pieces of antique furniture. Here's a sampling of one of the rooms:

On one of the second floor walls I spied on old electric meter. According to the Balch Hotel website:

When electricity came to Dufur Valley, the two places that had it were the Balch Hotel and the lumber yard. They each shared it for 12 hours. The lumber mill had electricity during 12 hours of daylight, the Balch during the second 12 hours!

On another wall there was the original fire hose attached up near the ceiling:

My roaming eventually led me to the third floor, where I discovered more distinctly and creatively decorated rooms. The suite where we got to stay was located on the third floor (with a view of Mt. Hood). Amenities included a canopy king bed, a Jazcuzzi tub, and AIR CONDITIONING. This was an important feature because the day we were in Dufur it got to 108 degrees! Our room:

Back on the first floor, I discovered a lovely sitting room off of the main lobby (I didn't even take a picture of the main lobby! What's wrong with me?). Anyway, here is the sitting room where you could borrow a book or pull out a game to play:

Outside, the grounds were lovely. We ate breakfast on this grassy area in one corner of the yard:

In the very back of the property, I discovered the original outhouse and smokehouse:

This is the resident doggy, Kahlua:

And these are the gracious proprietors, Jeff and Samantha Irwin, standing in the their light and airy dining room:

Okay, okay, I can't help myself (but you already knew that). Here's a photo from the wedding:

And a photo of the cute little flower girl who had run out of rose petals by the time she reached the aisle:

And how can you resist this photo of Dad and daughter. Mike's a real cowboy:

And a sweet little girl at the reception, all tuckered out:


Diane Havnen-Smith said...

Hi Dayna! Love how your blog has a little bit of everything. Will try to keep the Balch Hotel in my brain--what a great place. Not that I know where Dufur is.

Gerri said...

I remember you mentioned this at book club. I LOVE weddings LOL and love the pictures!

Hugs, Gerri

Bridget B. said...

marvelous! Looks like you've had a lovely summer - travel, art, shopping - all the things that make life good!