Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oregon Coast Redux

I hadn’t been to beach in months, yet I found myself in the surf a second time on Monday afternoon. Hubby had business in Newport in the afternoon, so I rode along and parked myself at a local Starbucks. I was able to sit outside (and so was Oliver), where I sipped a grande two-pump cinnamon dolce soy light foam latte and got caught up on some writing (blog posts, too) and reading (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan). When Hubby’s meeting was over, we took Oliver down to historic Nye Beach (after a quick stop at one little shop: Toujours) for a romp in the sand.

This is the pretty necklace Hubby bought me at Toujours:

I knew I would get a dinner out of it by tagging along and Hubby didn’t disappoint. We decided to eat at Blackfish, where I had a meal I’m still thinking about. Gnocchi was the base, then it was loaded with roasted garlic and greens and I can't even recall everything else, but it was so good, I would be willing to drive to the coast just to have it again (if gas weren't so expensive!):

And here is Hubby’s beautiful cioppino:

We drove home in the dark, feeling satisfied and rested.

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gl. said...

sounds like another great trip! i'll bet that necklace looks great on you. but the gnocchi has me drooling!